Duelists, Wizards, & Survivors

Waverly wants to go to bed so

to bed i go..


it really bugs me when people are like “wow this is NOT a kid’s show!” as if kids have no capacity to process upsetting or deep or meaningful content, and as if all content for children should be as vapid and safe as possible



I was told “girls can’t rape other girls” when I tried to talk to someone about what happened to me.



I am never not thinking about being raped. He is with me every moment of every day of my life, everywhere I go. Even when I can function just fine, I am still thinking about it, and he is always there, and he always will be.



I hate that I have to see you everyday when I pass you in the hallways. I hate it that every time I see you, I can’t breath for those couple of seconds. I hate being able to feel your eyes on me while I’m walking. I hate that after seeing you, I can’t find it in me to be happy again. I hate how no one cares enough to notice my sudden mood change and how I’m not that “happy” girl anymore. I hate myself for being to weak to stop you. I just can’t find it in myself to hate you.

I went to GameStop yesterday and this happened
Clerk: (to me) the Barbie games are in the corner! *laughs with coworker*
Me: alright I'll make sure to buy that for you for Christmas!
Clerk: ...
Me: and I'll take this copy of assassins creed for myself. Thanks!
Dad: (afterword) okay, you deserve Ice cream for that


I see my rapist everyday in school. He hugs me and pulls at me in front of our friends like nothing ever happened.



Most of the time I can’t believe it was “rape” because I don’t get the crazy flashbacks like the other victims I know. They become comatose, frozen, drooling, screaming. I just get anxiety.

are we cool?



Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16



wanna know how punk i am??????

*punches a wall*

drive me to the hospital

kazoo-goddess - Cara Mia / Turret Opera (kazoo)
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There’s two types of Autumn:

  1. the bright, colorful, happy autumn with pumpkins, apples, candles, and great food
  2. the dreary, dark, creepy autumn with overcast and rainy skies, scary forests, cool temperatures, and halloween

And I love them both!



a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

do this

Ellie’s expressions in that one scene with the kiss~ (✿◠‿◠)